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    Détails de l'offre

Opportunité d'emploi : Business Analyst GDPR / RGPD:ADDIXWARE

Description de l'offre:

Business Analyst GDPR / RGPD

Publiée le 20/06 par ADDIXWARE

Localisation d'Opportunité d'emploi : Sophia-antipolis (06)
Durée : Longue mission
Tarif : Selon profil
Début : Dès que possible


Description :

AddixWare is looking for a Business Analyst to strengthen a mixed team composed of passionated developers, which will work on a highly innovative project on airline transports.
The project is located in our great area where the sun shine 300 days per year : The French Riviera (Nice area).

Part of the team, you will work on the following points :

- Organize and drive Workshops with stakeholders and customers
- Write the functional requirements to direct the development in the delivery of the expected evolution of the software
- Write functional tests to validate software changes and avoid regression
- Validate the solution with stakeholders

We are looking for candidates with the following background and skills :

- Master in computer sciences or engineering school
- GDPR knowledge (General Data Protection Regulation)
- Good soft skills, involved with a team spirit
- English : Fluent

Definitely, we are looking for engineer who think fast and high skills in logic and programming languages.
We also look for people with soft skills.

Who are we ?

AddixWare, object development spécialistes.
If your job is to develop software, ours is to develop your potential with the : #ConsultantFirst
Joining AddixWare means being part of a team of spécialistes and enthusiasts who want to make the world a better place thanks to new technologies and computers.
Our partners: SMEs and key accounts in the telecommunications, transport, energy, banking / insurance, digital TV, healthcare, media, trading and services sectors.
To help you find accommodation easily and quickly, we put you in touch with our spécialiste partner in mobility.


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Référence à rappeler : FI/GDPR/EH/06
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Erwan Henry
Manager at Sophia-Antipolis

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Type de contrat:
Salaire: Indéfini
Niveau d'études: CAP / BEP
Expérience (nb. années): Indéfini
Lieu du poste: Sophia-antipolis , Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
type de société Employeur
Date publication: 20/06/2018 / Viewed 3 times
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